Protein tethering kit (unnatural amino acids)


This kit uses unnatural amino acids to attach DNA handles to your protein of interest for subsequent optical-tweezers measurements of protein folding and conformational changes. The system constitutes an alternative to the Protein tethering kit (cysteine) and Protein tether kit (ybbR). The Protein tethering kit (unnatural amino acids) is the ideal option for applications where both cysteine and ybbR incorporation are not possible.

For this kit, the Customized protein design, purification, and tethering service should be done first to incorporate the unnatural amino acids into the protein in collaboration with one of our academic partners.

Our Protein tethering kit relieves you from costs and time that are typically required for personnel training, troubleshooting, experiment optimization, and custom application development. After finishing this kit, new materials can easily be ordered as a recurring package.

There is no fixed price, please contact us through e-mail with your request.