Custom protein design, purification and handles (start-up package)

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This year, we offer a new service to help you design, purify, and label your proteins and to customize  protein folding and conformational dynamics studies with optical tweezers. This is a multistep project that consists of three main phases. Our service will avoid costs and time related to personnel training of troubleshooting of custom assay development.

Starting at only €3500.

Please contact us through e-mail with your request.

Once this service has been completed, you will be able to order additional recurring products through the custom protein purification and handles (recurring) package.

  • Estimated for 2 weeks of measurements
  • Estimated 3 months delivery time (typical)

Service Phases Description

Phase 1: Experimental design and cDNA synthesis

LUMICKS analyzes protein sequences and structures to establish a subsequent strategy for protein purification and functionalization with DNA handles. Based on these analyses, we can determine the optimal cDNA sequence that will synthesize your protein of interest.(Research grade, 4 µg). During this phase of the project, we evaluate the probability of success based on the analysis and resolution of the protein structures.

Phase 2: Protein expression and purification

Upon establishing the protein solubility, LUMICKS will proceed with the protein purification. We use the expression vectors obtained in Phase 1 to express and purify your protein of interest. We transduce the expression vectors encoding your protein of interest (Phase 1) E.coli and induce protein expression using small scale total cell lysates. Upon detection of protein expression, we will proceed purifying the proteins using the 6xHis affinity tag. We provide quality assurance through SDS-PAGE and western blot validations.

Phase 3: DNA linker attachment and quality control

Next, we conjugate the purified protein to oligonucleotides using either cysteine-maleimide chemistry or the ybbR tag/Sfp system. Finally, we anneal the oligonucleotides of the protein–DNA chimeras to the biotin and digoxigenin handles, respectively. Quality assurance is provided from the tethering to the bead trapping with the C-Trap optical tweezers.

Of note, we can express and purify proteins in mammalian cells or insect cells upon request.

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