New cleaning and passivation kit (free trial)


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Add a free sample of alkaline cleaning reagent and casein for passivation to your order.

The alkaline cleaning reagent is faster and more effective for bead, protein, and lipid removal than the previously provided cleaning reagent in the buffer solutions and beads kit.

Casein, a single step passivation buffer, can also help you get to your experiments faster and use your sample more efficiently.

For more information on the reagents, have a look at the buffer solutions and beads kit.

The volumes supplied in this sample gift are for 10 experiments. The sample gift is temporary available and limited to one sample gift per order.



The sample gift contains:

  • Casein: 500  μl | 1% (typical dilution factor 1:20). Store at -20°C.
  • Alkaline cleaning reagent 50x (recommended for default cleaning): 2 ml (typical dilution factor 1:50). Store at room temperature.

Product resources

Want to use this product in practice?

Download the Cleaning and passivation protocol (recommended) for cleaning with alkaline cleaning reagent and passivation with Casein.