Tubing and syringes kit


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The Tubing and syringes kit includes the tubing and syringes for your u-Flux microfluidics device. To ensure clean samples it is recommended to change these consumables every now and then. The materials are estimated for 6-12 months of the system running.

  • Syringes: 30 pieces. Sample reservoirs for your u-Flux. Typically changed before working with very clean samples.
  • Inlet tubing: 375 cm. FEP tubing (1/16″ x 0.004″). To be cut into 5x 75 cm or 5x 25 cm and 5x 50 cm when using the automated fluidics system. Typically changed once or twice a year.
  • Outlet tubing: 75 cm. FEP tubing (1/16″ x 0.010″). Typically changed once or twice a year.

Estimated 1-4 weeks delivery time.