Biotinylated double-stranded/single-stranded hybrid (17,853 nt)


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The biotinylated double-stranded/single-stranded DNA (17,853 bp) is ideal for studying protein binding to single-stranded DNA and enzymatic activity such as DNA polymerization, proofreading and replication pause states.

This product is shipped as a double-stranded construct with two nicks on the same strand. After applying a force to the overstretching regime, the strand between the two nicks is removed and a DNA hybrid with a 5 kb single-stranded region in the centre remains. 

At a distance of 177 bp from the 3′-OH, an ATTO-647N is incorporated, to determine the directionality of the DNA tether and to enable setting up optimal fluorescence imaging conditions before starting a DNA-protein interaction measurement.

Find an experiment automation script here to generate the hybrid structure automatically in the C-Trap (using 4.0-4.9 μm streptavidin beads).

Estimated for 20 experimental sessions on the C-Trap. Please note that the current price of the product is an temporary, introduction offer.

Estimated 1-4 weeks delivery time.


Biotinylated double-stranded/single-stranded DNA hybrid (17,853 nt)

30 μl | 20 ng/μl (typical dilution factor 1:330). DNA in TE buffer (10 mM Tris HCl pH 8.0 and 1 mM EDTA). Store at +4°C.

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