Biotinylated and digoxigenin-labeled double-stranded DNA (48,524 bp)


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The length of the biotinylated and digoxigenin-labeled double-stranded λ-DNA (48,524 bp) makes it ideal for assessing different types of DNA binding molecules. The differently labeled ends of the DNA (3 digoxigenins on the 3’ end and 5 biotins on the 5’ end of the same strand) enables to determine the directionality of λ-DNA trapped in optical tweezers. Exposing the DNA to fluorescently labeled proteins enables you to monitor dynamic binding activities and quantify DNA-associated events, such as replication, repair, organization, or transcription. The double-stranded DNA can also be visualized by fluorescent intercalators. For more information, have a look at the DNA structural mechanics kit.

Estimated for 20 experimental sessions on the C-Trap.

Estimated 1–4 weeks delivery time


Biotinylated and digoxigenin-labeled DNA double-stranded DNA (48,524 bp):
20 μl | 20 ng/μl. Bacteriophage λ-DNA in TE buffer (10 mM Tris HCl pH 8.0 and 1 mM EDTA). Store at +4°C.

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