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The standard kit for your first optical tweezers experiments. This kit is perfect for calibrating your optical tweezers equipment and training new users. Streptavidin beads and nick-free double-stranded biotinylated λ-DNA will ensure high efficiency of the DNA tethering. You can use SYTOX Orange to simultaneously micro-manipulate the DNA and visualize force-dependent binding of fluorescent SYTOX Orange. The exclusive binding of SYTOX Orange to double-stranded DNA enables you to distinguish double-stranded DNA regions from single-stranded DNA regions formed upon the stretching-dependent DNA denaturation.

A schematic illustration depicting a double-stranded DNA tethered between two optically trapped beads. Force-mediated stretching of the DNA molecule contributes to the formation of single-stranded DNA. Read more here: https://lumicks.com/application/dna-rna-mechanics-optical-tweezers-fluorescence-microscopy/


Material supplied:

  • Biotinylated double-stranded λ-DNA
  • Fluorescent intercalator, choose between SYTOX Orange (preferred option, green laser required), YOYO-1 (blue laser required), and SYTOX Red (choose when only red laser present)
  • Streptavidin coated polystyrene beads (4.5 µm)
  • Estimated for 2 weeks of measurements
  • Estimated 1-3 weeks delivery time

Additional information

Fluorescent intercalator

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Double-stranded λ-DNA

20 µl – 20 ng/µl (typical dilution factor 1:1000) double-stranded bacteriophage λ-DNA (48,502 bp). Labeled with multiple biotins on the 3′ ends of both strands, diluted in TE buffer (10 mM Tris HCl pH 8.0 and 1 mM EDTA).

SYTOX Orange / YOYO-1 / SYTOX Red

5 µl – (typical dilution factor 1:10,000) dye in DMSO. It is optimal to distinguish dsDNA from ssDNA as it binds dsDNA exclusively and emits fluorescence only when bound to DNA.

Polystyrene beads (4.5 µm)

200 µl – 0.5% (w/v) (typical dilution factor 1:100) streptavidin coated polystyrene microspheres with a diameter of 4.5 µm in water. Binds to biotinylated DNA (e.g., the provided λ-DNA) and can be optically manipulated using your optical tweezers system.

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