• Introduction. The Terms & Conditions of the Online LUMICKS Store, hereafter “Store”, are listed here. In addition to this, the LUMICKS General Terms and Conditions apply. In case these Terms & Conditions cnt/uploads/Terms-and-Contradict, the LUMICKS Store Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Activities. LUMICKS Store delivers Consumables for Correlative Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy, Acoustic Force Spectroscopy and Microfluidics systems, hereafter “Consumables”.

Payment and delivery

  • Payment. Payment can be made either directly upon ordering through our webstore using the available payment methods or, if a Purchase Order is raised, through an invoice with NET 30 terms.
  • VAT. Consumables Prices are exclusive of value-added tax (VAT).
    • For supply to within The Netherlands 21% VAT will be added to the total price.
    • For supply to outside The Netherlands and within the European Union (EU), a valid EU VAT number must be provided upon registration, and VAT will be zero-rated in accordance with Article 138.1 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC regarding intra-community supply. LUMICKS reserves the right to charge for additional VAT in case the purchasing entity does not qualify as a VAT entrepreneur for the European Union.
    • For supply to outside the European Union, 0% VAT will be charged in accordance with the export supply practices. The customer is solely responsible for filing and paying all local taxes and duties to the extent that they apply, such as customs, import duties, sales or use taxes etc.
  • Delivery. LUMICKS will endeavor to deliver the products to the customer as soon as possible and in general within 1-3 weeks of the date of the order acceptance, project design cycle duration not taken into account. However, LUMICKS will not have any liability for failing to deliver the products to the customer within this period. The terms DAP INCOTERMS 2010 apply. At this time we only deliver within Europe and to North-America and only limited to Asian countries.

Liabilities and warranties

  • Liabilities. Products from the LUMICKS Store need to be handled by qualified and trained personnel. LUMICKS shall never be kept liable for any effects, damages or indirect damages from application, use or misuse of the products.
  • Warranties. The products in the LUMICKS Store are prepared and handled with the upmost care and LUMICKS expect all products to be functional upon arrival as specified. However, as the functionality of the products depends on matters outside the reach of LUMICKS, including, but not limited to, transport, handling and application by the customer, the functionality of the products is not guaranteed in any way. Nonetheless, if functionality falls short LUMICKS aims to come to a fair and reasonable commercial solution.

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