Oligonucleotides for protein labeling (cysteine)


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This package provided you with maleimide-modified oligonucleotides to label your protein of interest, when additional protein labelings are required using the protein labeling and tethering kit (cysteine). This kit contains in total all the reagents needed for two additional labeling reactions.


For the full experimental workflow of tethering your protein, DNA handles are required which are provided in the following kits:

2 protein labelings (estimated for 40 experimental sessions per labeled protein)

Estimated 1-3 weeks delivery time


  • Maleimide-modified oligonucleotides:

40 μl, 2 vials. Oligonucleotides for protein labeling using maleimide–cysteine chemistry. Store at -80°C.

  • TCEP (10 mM):

5 μl, 2 vials | 10 mM. Reducing agent. Store at -80°C.

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