What we provide to you

Creating quality kits and services for all your single-molecule needs

The reagents, kits, and services in the LUMICKS Store helps C-Trap users to generate data more quickly by maximizing and optimizing the time spent on the system.

All items in our store have been selected to simplify the user experience and efficacy of our instruments through:

  • Ready-to-use products that allow you to start your experiments quicker by eliminating the need to invest time, money, and personnel to set up experiment workflows.
  • Established, tested, and optimized protocols that ensure your instrument is optimally used – no loss of time or materials for troubleshooting. The samples work right away with a high tethering efficiency.
  • Standard experiment kits that facilitate the practical training of new users and necessary application testing.
Capture Molecular Interactions

We are a company of visionaries

At LUMICKS, our goal is to improve human health by unlocking the power of dynamic single-molecule and cell avidity analysis. We empower researchers with tools that provide unparalleled insight into the fundamental cause of disease and the potential for drug optimization. With the rate of progress in biological research accelerating exponentially, the need to understand how biological processes occur at a molecular level is becoming increasingly important.

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