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DNA/RNA–Protein Interactions

Protein Folding and Conformational Changes

Cellular Structure and Transport

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High quality

All samples and reagents coming with the kits are optimized for C-Trap experiments and ready to use. No need to adjust concentrations for each experiment.


The most extensive selection of commercially available biochemistry reagents delivered to your doorstep.

Easy to use

Pick from a list of ready-made samples or order a kit with master mix formats. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure it’ll reduce your sample preparation steps, increase your throughput, and improve your reproducibility.

What’s in store for me?

Use our newly established biochemistry platform and internal expertise to purify, label, and prepare your reagents for optical-tweezers experiments. With our multidisciplinary expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, and dynamic single-molecule analysis, we’ve created the most extensive selection of ready-made reagents, kits, and tailored services to prepare your samples.

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Cellular Structure and Transport Application Notes

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DNA/RNA–Protein Interactions Application Notes

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Protein Folding and Conformational Changes Application Notes

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