Automated Fluidics Connection Kit


The connection kit for your u-Flux™ automated fluidics instrument. Contains the following:

  • FEP tubing (1/16″ x 0.030″)
  • Shut-off valves
  • Y Assembly
  • Luer adapters (F)
  • Flangeless fittings

Additional information

FEP tubing (1/16" x 0.030")

3 m – Tubing with an outer diameter of 1/16" and constant inner diameter of 0.030" to enable laminar flow.

Shut-off valves

7 pieces – For switching the flow on and off.

Y Assembly

1 piece – For mixing fluids by merging two tubes into one.

Luer adapters (F)

7 pieces – For connecting tubing.

Flangeless fittings

7 pieces – For connecting tubing.

Product Resources

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